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Magento 2 marketplace is the perfect solution to convert your regular Magento store into a multi-vendor marketplace. Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension is a stunning Magento store extension that offers 100+ unique features to transform your Magento eCommerce website into an all-rounder multi-vendor marketplace, same as a popular marketplace like Etsy, Rakuten, AliExpress, Alibaba and Amazon.

Take your Magento 2 store to the next level by letting unlimited suppliers/vendors upload, sell and manage their products. At the same time, boost your customers’ shopping experience by giving them more choices to buy from numerous products of different categories. Also, customers can provide reviews & ratings for any seller, vendor's products & service. Rest API is supported.

  • Convert your eCommerce store into Marketplace.
  • Allow various Sellers/Vendors to register and sell their products.
  • Have your Sellers/Vendors and their products in control.
  • Set commissions for each seller/vendor.
  • Manage the Products on the go with the Responsive Seller Panel.
  • View Orders with their items From Seller Panel

Real results fuels the success stories

Working closely with eCommerce client's over 7 years, we've designed, crafted numerous marketplace platforms with
ultimate digital presence to our global clients. See how few of our customers shine in the digital world.


A Sustainable Online Marketplace With 100+ Vendors.

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Muscat Food Market

An Online Grocery Marketplace Scaled Up To 100%.

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A Romanian Online Marketplace Making Quick ROI.

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Why Multi-vendor marketplace
extension for Magento 2?

The rich-feature Magento 2 Marketplace extension completely fulfills all requirements of an
advanced multi-vendor marketplace.

Fast search

Simple vendor

No restriction to
digital products

Reasonable price

Simple review and
rating system

Flexible commission

Features Where Our Magento 2
Multi-Vendor Stands Out

Easier vendor onboarding

Back in the day, onboarding vendors is a time-consuming and tiresome process. Still, we made it simple and a lot easier by streamlining the onboarding process, which is thoroughly vetted.

Commission management

Sales commission acts as the revenue source for store admin. Our extension let the store’s admin set commission rules of their own at their end to be charged on the sale of each seller product.

Product Approval

Webnexs multi-vendor marketplace adds up quick and seamless vendor product approval and disapproval to avoid the additional queues in vendor onboarding and entice the right vendor product to the marketplace.

Split Order Essentials

Split order is a new and sophisticated shipping strategy that splits shoppers orders into different orders in the first place; by the way, our marketplace extension saves you money on product shipping ultimately.

Multiple shipment locations

Setting up each shipment individually with a distribution feature is now super easy. Generate multiple shipping labels at one time instead of setting up every single shipment separately.

All it takes 4 steps to
kick-start the marketplace Platform

Run A Magento 2 Store

Select the free Magento
open-source or Enterprise edition.

Buy Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Up to 30 minutes to
complete the installation.

Set Up Data

Config commission, payments,
and product options.

Promote To Attract Vendors

You're ready to launch the website.

Cloud hosting

Move to cloud Hosting

  • Launch your business in Cloud for free for 1 Year!
  • Webnexs Web Services offer cloud hosting solutions to all ranges of businesses, i.e. from small to a large business that wants a secured marketplace website for online sales and retailing.
  • With our default platform configuration, we will provide the highly flexible and scalable ability to your multi-vendor marketplace which heats up your traffic and sales.

Default Configuration Details of Server

  • 750 hours per month
  • 5 GB of standard storage
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 30 GB Hard Disk
  • DB with 20 GB and 1 Core Processor

* Server Configuration may vary as per application business requirements.

Advantages of Moving to Cloud Hosting

  • Server Uptime
  • Scalable Resources
  • Simple Backup Processes
  • Extendible Platform
  • Pay for Consumption Billing beyond the free limit!

Features Of Magento multi-vendor script


A Very new and Enhanced Dashboard for Magento users

Registration Page

Sellers can register their Business by registering through the “Vendor Registration Page.”

Vendor Verification

Workflow to collect and verify scanned documents from Vendors while registering on the marketplace

Listing Page

Listing vendors/suppliers based
on product categories

Same Product by
different Vendors

All vendors based on the particular search for a given product will be listed together.

Vendors Shipping

Vendors can set up the shipping charges for each of their products separately.

Vacation mode

Sellers can use the 'Seller Vacation Mode' option to notify their customers about their inactivity.

All Product
Type Supported

A vendor can create all types of products supported by Magento, i.e., Simple & Configurable products.

Manual / Automatic
Product Approval

Vendor products can be approved automatically or manually.

Enable / Disable Products

Vendor can enable/disable their products.

Product Status

Product gets deactivated/deleted when Vendors are disabled / deleted

Bulk Product
Import & Export

Vendors can import & export products in bulk via CSV file.

Multiple Products(s)
Checkout at once

Customer can purchase the product from various vendors/sellers at once.

Order, Vendor / Product
Approval Notifications

Admin can enable/disable notification email for Order, Vendor / Product anytime.

Email Templates

Using Email Templates, the seller will receive a product sold notification email with their product details.

Vendor Order &
Invoice Management

Separate order and invoice managing section for managing Vendors, including their commissions, avatars, transactions, etc.

Commission Management

You can set different commission rates for other vendors.

Payment History &
Transaction Report

Report compiled with all account statement with credit & debit transactions for each Vendor.

Offline Transactions

Admin can record offline transactions for each Vendor


Vendor-Customer Messaging feature lets the customers reach their vendors more efficiently.

Seller / Vendor Review(s)
Rating Management

Feedback from customers for products helps to create Vendor ratings automatically.

PayPal and
Stripe details

Vendors can save their PayPal and stripe details into their seller profile.

Mobile Apps

Magento Mobile App for your Multi-vendor Marketplace stores.

Lifetime Upgrades

Free Lifetime upgrade for our Customers.

Open Source and
easy customization

Source code is Open so that it can be easily customized.

Compatible with
Magento 2

Webnexs Marketplace Extension is now compatible with Magento 2.x version.

Many More Features

Regularly adding many valuable features to the extension.

Features that Admin, Vendors, and
Customers can hold along

For admin:

  • Seller accounts shall be manually or automatically approved or declined by the administrator.
  • Admin can set the global commission for sellers.
  • Marketplace admin can customize or use the default email templates for email communication as notifications.
  • Admin can set separate commission rates for each seller.
  • Admin has easy access to view the detailed transaction history of any marketplace sellers from the admin panel.
  • Admin can either Enable or Disable the 'Profile Page' for sellers.
  • Approve or disapprove newly added products by sellers through emails either automatically/manually.
  • Admin has the option to automatically approve products for all vendors.
  • Site owners shall easily manage seller profiles and their products through the admin panel.
  • Admin can enable/disable the subscription option for the seller and can add a subscription plan.
  • Admin can either Enable or Disable seller sales email notification.
  • Ratings and reviews for sellers can either be Enabled or Disabled.
  • Marketplace operators can approve or decline any seller account automatically/manually.

For sellers:

  • Sellers can provide instant access for their customers via Facebook and Twitter buttons on their profile pages.
  • As the extension supports all types of products, sellers can add 'Simple' and 'Configurable', through an option that can be set by the admin.
  • Sellers can upload products in bulk using CSV files in their dashboard.
  • If the admin cancels an order, then an email notification will be sent to the seller and customer.
  • Sellers will receive an email as instant notifications for every single purchase of their product.
  • Products can be categorized by sellers under relevant categories and subcategories.
  • Sellers can retrieve complete information on all their transactions made with the marketplace owner through 'Transaction History'.
  • Product details can be updated by the sellers instantly.
  • Sellers can assign the product, and its attributes, dynamically while adding the product.
  • Sellers can independently add and edit information and logo using edit options on the ‘My Profile’ page.
  • Vendor-specific URLs can be generated for stores as per the store names suggested by them.

For customers:

  • Customers can enjoy shopping with easy search, find, compare options with a wide variety of products from multiple shopping
  • Customers can view seller profiles at any time they visit the site
  • Customers can place orders from different sellers using the single cart or same cart
  • Seller profile is visible to every customer who visits the site
  • Customers are free to give ratings and reviews for any product they purchase
  • Customers can view, read the rating of the seller given by the store owner and other customers
  • Customers can search seller by seller shop name on the seller list page
  • Customers now can have a detailed overview of the products sold by each vendor

Seller dashboard

The multi-vendor extension allows sellers to visualize their store’s performance in terms of the number to have an overview of its sales and transactions along with the overall income, total orders and last five orders.

  • The seller can have an overview of the store’s sales performance including today’s sales, orders, last week, last month, last year.
  • Marketplace sellers can look for the orders and monitor their current status such as completed, pending, processing, cancelled, refunded, and on-hold.
  • The seller can have an instant last five orders’ summary under the seller dashboard.
Seller products:
  • The seller can manage their product of all types including simple, virtual with unique SKU.
  • Seller can add a new product with a particular, attribute set and product type.
  • Seller can make visible up to 50 products per page in the seller product section.
  • The seller could have a quick view of the products that have already been added.
  • Marketplace sellers can edit the whole set of product details and attributes with the "Action" button.
My profile:
  • Under my profile section, the seller can make instant changes to their store information step-by-step order.
  • Step one is to have the basic business information such as GST number, company name, store name, PAN number, State, Address lines 1 & 2, Country, and Pincode.
  • Step two, help the seller to make a change in Bank details, including the account holder's name, account type(Current / Savings), number, Confirm Account number, IFSC code, cancelled check.
  • Step three deals with the shipping details with Nickname, Phone, Address lines 1 & 2(in case same as the official address), Pincode, City, State.
  • Step four enables the seller to make necessary changes in the store's assets, including - Store logo, Store banner, SEO Keywords, SEO Description, Social profile URLs - Facebook Page URL, Twitter Page URL, Instagram Page URL.
  • Step five allows sellers to edit the Business information under "Tell us about your sustainable business", simply a precise company's "About us".
Order Management:
  • Under orders, the seller can able to view the order number, Product name, Date of order placed, total product amount, Commission, and Seller amount with a maximum of 50 orders per page.
  • Marketplace sellers can create a "Pickup location" for product delivery.
  • Transactions show the total number of transactions to find on the standard seller dashboard.
Seller Review:
  • Seller review keeps the seller a clear track of all the new customer reviews on their seller's products.

Customer Dashboard

  • The customer can maintain some basic account information, including the name, email address, and password, and can be claimed from the account dashboard.
My Orders:
  • Customers have access to all their current orders from their of their store accounts. Orders can be viewed, filtered, tracked, and resubmitted as new orders.
  • Also, depending on the order's status, invoices, shipments, and refund records.
My Downloadable Products:
  • My downloadable products from the dashboard are available from the customers' account as soon as the order is placed and completed. This is for downloadable products - software products, virtual products like images, arts which are in a soft copy!
My Wish List:
  • Customers can have a good track of products they like to buy but have not been purchased.
  • Customers can find it more convenient to share items from a wish list with others or added to the shopping cart.
  • Also, customer has multiple wish lists, the name of the current wish list appears at the top of the page.

Address book:

Account Information:
  • The primary account information includes the customer's name, email address, and password and can be maintained from your account dashboard.
  • Customers can update the account information, including update name, Change the email address and password from the sidebar of their account.
Stored Payment Methods:
  • Customers with access to any secure method for storing and speeding up the payment information via checkout without entering their credit card or any other payment information each time.
  • Customers can manage stored payment methods from their account dashboard.
  • Customers will have the option to save their credit card information as a stored payment method during checkout.
My Product Reviews:
  • My product reviews sections contain all the approved reviews by publication that had been submitted by the customer with the Date the review was submitted, links to the product page, and review details.
Newsletter Subscription:
  • Newsletter subscription section in the customer dashboard shows all the current newsletters been subscribed to the general newsletter.

Implement and boost new features and
tools with integrated APIs

No wonder, integrating with different APIs enhances overall management and
organize the workflow with maximum business efficiency.

Integrate with shipping platform like Shiprocket to get things delivered instantly anywhere on the world map.

Integrate with progressive tax interface like GST API for easing GST compliance with one click auto-fill GST field.

Don’t miss these points to stick with

Already Responsive

Work with any responsive theme & any device’s layout.

Source Code Customizable

Source code is open for customization or adds new features.

Bug Request

Get aid if any related bugs by our expert developers.

Support All Type Products

Able to create, manage and resell own products from other vendors.

Sell On Your Marketplace.
Let Others Too Onboard

Partner up with vendors all together and sell more with the multi-vendor platform and re-invent the possibilities of growth.

Download & Install



Sell & Onboard Sellers

Earn in-return

Who are all using our multi-vendor
marketplace extension?

We’re proud to help in driving top-notch client satisfaction, expanding businesses, boosting sale with our robust multi-vendor
marketplace extension. We assured, we did it across a variety of marketplace models.

Our Client Testimonial

Go Alive Media
Go Alive Media
punctual and always deliver on time
I'm a happy client of Webnexs; I'm delighted with their timeliness and development skills associated with building Gulf and the US-based robust eCommerce platform through which users can buy and redeem social discount coupons. I'd suggest Webnexs to any individual or business who look for eCommerce development because of their - reliability, trustworthiness, on-time delivery and value for money.
Aspiring Technologies Co. Ltd
Aspiring Technologies Co. Ltd
Incredibly talented team to work with
Webnexs proved to be the company we're looking for to develop our dream project for a multivendor ecommerce platform. They've understood our needs and delivered the project beyond our expectations.
Infinitive Host Technologies
Infinitive Host Technologies
Great services and products
Satisfied with Webnexs, expertise, professionalism and communication, surely can help the business. Their team gave out of the way support to complete the project on time with great product quality. I am looking forward to working with you again. Thank you!
Powerpack online
Powerpack online
It's wonderful to have been on a journey with a company
It's wonderful to have been on a journey with a company like webnexs. They have been consistently doing great with my project Power packonline. I have been mailing them my queries, and I can find their support team is fantastic. They have come back to me with an excellent support timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a further understanding of what Magento marketplace extension
has to offer - you’ll find resources here!

Why choose Webnexs Magento marketplace extension?  
Being an extensive eCommerce platform, Magento carries out all the possible functions that can be carried out on an eCommerce site. There is an extension that focuses on multi-vendor functionality, enhancing like selling products from multiple vendors and managing vendor-specific orders in the admin. This marketplace extension is being developed here in Webnexs.
How does Magento marketplace extension work?  
Magento marketplace extension solely works upon building an eCommerce marketplace or a multi-vendor store in a single instance of Magento. The extension is straightforward to install as no additional setup is required.
What is the workflow of the Magento marketplace extension?  
The workflow of the Magento marketplace module comprises its three main sections: Admin section, Vendor section, and Front-end or Customer section.
How to update a Magento 2 Webnexs extension?  
We are constantly improving and updating our extensions; therefore, we suggest that you always use Magento 2 latest version and the newest extension version on your site.
Does Webnexs multi-vendor extension come with an installation guide? 
Each Webnexs extension package comes with appropriate extension files, simple installation & setup guides to show the easier way to find and install our Multi-vendor extension.
Is Webnexs marketplace extension compatible with all Magento versions? 
Yes, our extension is compatible with all the latest versions of the Magento platform; for the best outcome, try using it with Version 2.3.4. Also, if you find it difficult across a compatibility issue with your end, we'll try to help you.
Do you have the extension installation service?  
Yes, we take the duty of installing extensions as we provide adept installation service at $30 when you purchase the extension.
Does this extension support to create custom attributes?  
Yes, the admin of the marketplace can create custom attributes within the functionality range.
What kind of commission model does multi-vendor marketplace support? 
There are two types of commission types that Webnexs' marketplace support - one is global commission applies for all platform sellers and vendor-specific commission for different vendors.
Can the admin have control over the marketplace platform? 
Absolutely, the admin can have complete control over the marketplace platform to determine every rule and moderation process.
Before going live can I have a demo for the multi-vendor extension before buying it?  
Yes, you can have a free demo here and check with the setup on a test environment before going live.
Is Webnexs Multivendor marketplace extension mobile-friendly to deploy?  
We are aware it is crucial to develop every extension to be well-optimized and mobile-friendly as more than 64% of purchases are made via mobile.
What kind of products vendors can add to the marketplace? 
By default, the vendor can add all products, such as - simple and configurable products.
Is there any way to contact the admin, if so, how to carry it?  
Yes, the registered seller can contact and ask for queries to the admin under "Seller Dashboard".

Ever imagined building precisely the same in reality as you visualized? Sounds great? Well, we’ve plans for you

We work on custom development to gear up your online revenue potential let's get started!

Reasons to choose Webnexs

Proficient tech support

Our marketplace extension comes with all support covered - from pre-development queries to custom development solutions.

Development expertise

We offer extensions designed and built by Certified Magento developers with global Magento standards.

7+ years of market experience

We happily built: 10+ extensions, 100+ satisfied clients, 10+ extensions.

Power-up your business servings with a customized
multi-vendor marketplace solution

We at Webnexs know the power and art of customization that helps deliver a tailor-made marketplace solution that creates a great value and asset as your brand can rely on for many more years to come. We’re proud to have had the privilege to support over 300+ medium and enterprise-level companies that are still going strong - We know to get your stuff done!!!

Got Customisation Ideas? Write To Us
Send us a note and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Felt happy to have such perfect solution
    I was looking for a perfect multi-vendor marketplace solution; after a long wait, I found to go with Webnexs for Marketplace development, and now I realized I made the right decision.

    Magento multi-vendor extension turned my Magento store into a marketplace website, which I never thought of; it's really stunning, all thanks to the support team.

    I appreciate all their efforts in developing such a great product.


    Review by

    Posted on

  2. Most recommended extension - Great support too!!!
    Hey all,

    I hope am one n all happy customers of Webnexs' multi-vendor marketplace extension.

    I am very happy with their products and have added features which are very new to the market.

    Support is responsive to my concerns, and I do recommend this product if you want to build your own multi-vendor marketplace website.

    Again, thank you, team.

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    Posted on

  3. Useful User Manual Guide
    Magento 2 Marketplace Extension installation was easy and the user manual guide help me a lot to detail a single feature of the Extension. I recommend webnexs extension.

    Review by

    Posted on

  4. $99 Is an awesome price
    Hey Guys This is a kill deal to get your Magento marketplace extension.

    Steal this away.

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    Posted on

  5. Ecommerce Aggregator
    I was building my site and wanted to add multiple aggregators for my product and this came handy.

    This marketplace solution from webnexs is really handy and I had many features for me to leverage my business.

    Nice work by the team. David from this team is really helpful in getting this site up for me!

    Thank you!

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    Posted on

  6. Excellent Support Services
    I'm using the Magento Marketplace extension for 3 months now, and working excellent. Support is Masterpiece.

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    Posted on

  7. Thats my perfect fit
    I own a fashion store! This extension for magento2 fits well for my business requirements. Thanks!

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  8. Good extension for my clothing store - The Marketplace
    I wanted to have my clothing and accessories sorted out for better by vendors so I can concentrate geography wise . Im from Atlanta and I thought I wanted to target by city and putting users / vendors based on city , product Is brilliant.

    Based on city is for me , SEO and administration.

    sort based on category is for customers to looking that to buy. Split order system - I liked that and I got this for 99 USD, which is really cheap compared to anyone else in the market today!

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    Posted on

  9. Purchase decision is good ! supports nice.
    These guys support nice.

    get this add-on for my business to support various small popup shop owners.

    the value they got from this is amazing,

    not only they get a popup space for few days but I can now give them space through the website for an year with that money.

    works good for my business.

    all starts for them.

    marketplace for Magento from these guys are good finally to say.

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  10. Nice Marketplace Extension. Liked it
    I liked this marketplace extension. They have a lot of features and value for money.

    Nice supportive team to buy the product.

    I have launched my marketplace business through this extension. It feels nice to have it.

    Especially the new additional attribute mapping in the script is awesome and reduces ton of work for me.

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